hey! it's a fish.

The parentals

My parents seem to be 10yrs behind me.

When I was 17, my Dad liked to repeat to my Mom that I was a ‘teenager’ and was prone to rebelliousness; considering I was always mature for my age and was through with my ‘teen’ rites of passage by the time I hit 15, he took a couple years too many to catch on.

Recently, he’s taken to having a glass or two of Red Label mixed with water (don’t get me started on this sacrilege) once a week or so. Today he’s repeating to me that I’m more than welcome to have a taste of alcohol to whet my curiosity, if I have any. Better to drink at home than out.

Good thing I didn’t suggest that he try the scotch with coke or nose his whiskey next time.

Maybe I’ll slip out later and enjoy my bottle of Stolichnaya with my posse.

Electric Literature: a single-sentence animation

Electric Literature is an anthology of short stories delivered quarterly through every viable medium.

According to the site, they aim to use new media and innovative distribution to return the short story to a place of prominence in popular culture.

I subscribe to their podcast (found via Miro) and what got my attention is their series of videos where artists create what they call a ‘single-sentence animation’ of one of the short stories. You pick a sentence from one of the stories, and combining music, illustration and an animator, create an animation that is uploaded on YouTube.

A very cool promotional idea. The results are inspiring, creative and worth a look.


Very cool stop-motion animation: Procrastination


I once wrote a tl;dr email to a few friends where I introduced javascript libraries to them. It was an email chock full of important links, tutorials, comparison between the options available and why it was about time we taught ourselves this fantastic and easy way of adding functionality to our websites.

This was mid last year. I have yet to follow my own teachings.